November 2018:

I completed my PhD in Ecology at UC Davis!

June 2018:

I’m in the process of merging my personal webpage with my blog page! What We Talk About When We Talk About Fire (Talk About Fire) is still here as always–just click on “Talk About Fire Blog.” In the next week I plan to transfer the content of my old website (http://amweill.weebly.com/) to this site.

April 2018:

I was selected as a 2018 AAAS Mass Media Fellow and will be working on science journalism and media production at KQED this summer! If you’ve enjoyed my writing on this blog, stay tuned for my clips on KQED Science!

February 2018:



img_3010Allie Weill is a PhD candidate in Ecology at UC Davis and AAAS Mass Media Fellow at KQED. Her research focuses on the causes and consequences of changing fire regimes in Mediterranean systems for both plants and people, including research related to fire science communication and education.





About Talk About Fire Blogimg_3011

My blog focuses on ecological research, science communication, and science education, especially topics related to wildfire. It attempts to present fire science (and sometimes other areas of ecology) in a larger context and discuss the ways we research, talk about, and interact with fire-prone ecosystems.

If you study fire or other topics relevant to the blog and are interested in writing a guest post, please send an e-mail to amweill@ucdavis.edu.

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